Starting a new business?

Reinventing your current business?

You want your business to stand out and connect with your ideal customer. do you make that happen?

Is it about getting an eye-catching logo?

Or putting together some kind of “dreamboard”?

Or maybe taking a dynamic picture of yourself and putting your name on it?

None of the above. (But we've seen experts touting all of these.)

A customer decides to buy from you because it feels good, right and true. 

That feeling comes from your branding.

And branding is not a logo problem or a dreamboard mission.

It's a strategy challenge. And addressing it as such is why big businesses usually get branding right.  

We've worked for big brands--and now we work for small businesses.

Over 12 years, we’ve developed and refined a small-business branding system based on the best of big-brand thinking. 

This system lets you start thinking about branding like a skilled marketer.

It also shows you how to use big-brand thinking in your small business.

Get the branding right, and all your marketing is easier.

Lightning Branding is also a blast. 

It emboldens you with new vision and awareness--and you get to have fun and excitement.

Plus, the system is easy enough for anyone smart enough to start a business.

You might call this The $25,000 Formula. 

That’s the price of developing a brand with an agency like ours.

And the branding work we’ve done with our clients has translated into millions in sales.  

Some folks call us foolish for giving away the store, but you can now have our system for branding our $25,000 clients.

It's also going to cost a whole lot less than hiring us for the full Monty. 

Are you willing to do the legwork? If so, we can finish your branding for you.

You get a lot of custom work for about 80% off the full-blown package price.

And if you want to do it all by yourself, you can have our DIY system for under $200. 

​Either way, you’re in a much stronger position than if you’re grasping at straws in the dark, developing disappointing $5 logos and designing dreamboards that have little impact on the neuroscience of buyer psychology.

Lighting Branding: The What And The Why.

The Parkers describe the three levels of lighting. What you get, why, and which may be right for your business.

"The Parkers doubled our new business in the first two months. In the first 10 months, a business that had been essentially flat for 3 years was up 35%."

Mary Giveen / Dr. Sam's Eye Care

When your customer feels the right way about your business, that’s how you turn them into a buyer.


How well does this work? There are no guarantees. It depends on you. But here are just a few things we’ve seen happen:

  • ·A businesses running flat for years suddenly doubles their new customers.
  • · A client’s revenue surge by 30%.
  • ·One solopreneur doubles his income with no paid advertising.
  • ·One entrepreneur says he wants to run ads. We suggest a new brand. He agrees—and in a year, his new branding helped generate more than three quarters of a million in new business.

And each of these business owners understands their business better, and they enjoy it more.

Knowing your brand and its behavior for certain is the first step towards a better business, possibly even a better life.


How can we do this? Like anything else so simple, it was years in the making. 

We’ve spent decades working for brands of all sizes. Our biggest-ever client has over $80 billion in annual revenue. Our smallest-ever client was broke. We’ve written ads and commercials you may have seen and heard. We’ve spent our careers in the trenches doing exactly one thing: working to make the customer feel the right thing and take action. We have a client whose brand has made him a local celebrity. We’ve heard one client say, “We have more business than we can handle. We have to stop advertising.” We’ve seen the results of smart branding change businesses and change lives.


By working on your brand the Lighting Branding way, here are just a few of the powerful tools that you take away:

  • Thinking about branding like a pro instead of a passerby
  •  Knowing the simple, psychological importance of emotional resonance
  •  Seeing how a brand doesn’t look like a brand at all can be worth millions 
  • Grasping secret significance of defining your Core Customer, and how it informs everything you do 
  •  Unlocking the hidden power of persona that can transform your brand into a juggernaut
  •  Getting into the sizzle of going solo, the fire in focus, and how consistency is king, queen and court
  •  Knowing how your brand’s driving force can begin with a four-word phrase you’ve known all your life

You can still hire us to do all this and more for $25,000—or, you can save 80%. 

The savings comes in taking on a bigger part of the work, then getting our help with the process. That costs under $5,000, includes a custom logo and other priceless brand documentation that saves you time and money.


Or, if you’re a self-starter, you can take command and brand by yourself with the DIY package for under $200. 

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee on the courses. And whatever package you choose, we can also guarantee: you’ve never done anything like it for your business. 

Meet Honey & Blaine Parker

We are branding-focused specialists with decades in marketing and advertising for business of all sizes—from multinationals to solopreneurs. We’ve spoken to business owners around the globe on how to create brands that attract right customer and generate revenue faster.

We now work almost exclusively with small-business owners, guiding them to launching and maintaining successful brands. And we love hearing their success stories. We’ve taken our method for getting to a potent, electrified brand, and developed it into an easy to understand system of videos and exercises. Whether doing the DIY version or the guided edition, Lightning Branding is for anyone who’s serious about branding their business to do great things.

What a Lighting Brand has done for these business owners.

"I hired Honey & Blaine to work with one of my clients who wanted to run a few ads. Instead of just ads, the Parkers proposed creating a new, separate brand and a dedicated marketing campaign. This new company in a highly competitive dental specialty field has six figures in revenue and is in the black in the first year. I was so impressed with their work, I had them re-brand my own company."

- Lenora Milligan / Salt Dental Practice Management

"One of the first things the Parkers told me was to stop working harder and start working smarter. After they branded my business and came up with a complete ad campaign, one of the first things I told them was that I had to stop advertising. I’m too busy. Since working with the Parkers and creating a personal brand, my business has doubled. I have more jobs than I can handle."

Matt Wolf /  Wolf Custom Finishes

Honey and Blaine Parker helped me freshen the old brand on my hair salon. Then, they began creating local newspaper advertising for me. When the ads run, my call volume increases by 200 to 300%. I love the new brand. I love the advertising. And more importantly, so do my customers and prospects.     

Shylow Wolfinger /  Ooh La La Hair Studio

Our agency clients pay $25,000 for a full branding exploratory.

If you're willing to do some of the work for us, we're offering it to you now for a whole lot less.

Just a few of the Lighting Brands we've worked on...

"I really appreciate it. I love love love!​ You rock!

Lisi Crane / Owner

"I just got done speaking with one of my clients. She loved it. Job well done, and thank you."

Chris Olsen / Owner

"People are noticing and complimenting us. I can't tell you how proud I am of the branding..."

Carol Anne Kret / Broker-Owner

"Thank you, thank you. This is so much fun. The site will be better than I envisioned. You two are batting 1,000 and I am close to insisting you cough up the Mensa cards."  

Lori Warhop / Founder

"Perfect! Awesome! Love it! I am so thankful! Thank God I took your advice."

Laurie Nadeau / Owner

"Seriously, over the moon. I *love* the tone. It's smart, spare, and pointed. Love it. And for the first time ever, I actually feel really really good about a video for my biz. Yay!  I'm delighted. Thank you both!!"

Juilie Fleming / Founder


Q: How long does it take to brand a business?

A: It's a thoughtful process, so we don't recommend sprinting. We've seen people do it in a few weeks and we've seen some folks take a few months. It often depends how busy they are with other things.

Q: Do I have to be creative by nature to brand my business?

A: No. You just have to be willing to be thoughtful. The best things happen when you don't force them.

Q: Does this work for soloprenuers?

A: Absolutely. Soloprenuers need to work just as hard to stand out, if not harder.

Q: If I do the DIY course and decide I'd like more help, can I switch to the course where you finish the branding for me?

A: Sure. We'll credit wthe price of your DIY course to your Private Edition upgrade.

Ready to see which level of lightning is right for your business?